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welcome to the imageBurnley website

imageBurnley was launched on 15.8.2009 and is a site with galleries containing images of collections of all things connected with Burnley, but mainly Enamel Pin Badges linked to Burnley Football Club, and Postcards of the Borough of Burnley.

The collections are not complete sets, but just my own personal collections of these items that I have amassed over the years. You can find more details of the history behind imageBurnley on the about page. You can also follow imageBurnley on twitter and thats where I will be posting update notifications for the site, so why not register here, it's free and you will see notifications of ALL updates to imageBurnley.

There are also other collectibles listed on this site, all with a link to Burnley in some way. These include some memorabilia/collectibles from the now defunct Burnley Building Society and some images relating to the former Burnley based aerospace engineering company, Burnley Engineering Products (formerly Burnley Aircraft Products) and I am also developing some pages relating to Burnley Heritage Sites too.

In time I am hoping to add some of the photographs of the Burnley area that will be of interest to the site, together with some other interesting stuff.

If you like what you see, please leave a message on my guestbook.

Enjoy imageBurnley!



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